Managing your infrastructure anywhere in the world

ARPADC has one of the most advanced monitoring software in the world available for you. ENEC by Vertiv®.

Not only can you run your IT infrastructure you can also have total control over your Data Center in the same system.

Computer equipment, Temperature, Humidity, PDU, UPS, Mains, Power Generator Sets, Access Control. Everything will be on hand anywhere in the world.

You can do this monitoring work or you can ask ARPADC to do it for you, and together with Vertiv® we will provide you with a large team of internal experts who can supervise and monitor your infrastructure.

Even by choosing the remote services or the monitoring and supervision system independently from the other, you will get better control of your network and your expenses.

Being able to diagnose and solve problems remotely, will cut down on the trips to the site, it will increase the availability and you will know how your Data Center is running at all times.

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